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Development in latest technology and the recent scenario of smart phone users clearly show that demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Inspiring Web Technology is a leading mobile app development company offering mobile application development services for android, iPhone, iPad and windows mobile application development.

Our team of mobile app developers is creative and knowledgeable to accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises. Our experience and past work are the showcase of our brilliance in mobile applications development.

Technology Services

  • Android Development
  • IOS Development
  • Windows Application


andriodAndroid is really doing very well and has been peddled as the “next generation platform”. Holding more than 60 percent of market share, it has overcome iOS applications download with a huge margin of around 65 million downloads.

From development point of view, it provides the flexibility , good control over system resources and hassle-free application porting. Inspiring Web Technology is the best application providers for Android. Having developed over 400 application so far, our team has got the experience that is more than enough to produce quality solutions.

Google keeps on releasing newer versions of OS, SDK, ADT Plugins, Add-On and other tools. InnovationM is tailgating.

Our programmers have detailed knowledge of SDK and APIs framework and they have delivered simple as well as complex applications successfully. From kids’ puzzles to technical business apps, we have left no field untouched.

Not technically only, we are experts in creativity too. Having an award-winning design team on board, we are dedicated enough to deliver usable and easy-to-use apps.

IOS Development

iosInspiring Web Technology have energetic and dedicated professionals on board to develop innovative applications for you. We believe in customer satisfaction and deliver the best possible quality. We have certified programmers in Java, C, C++, .Net and other languages. The best aspect of our team is, it imparts full cooperation and keeps you updated about the status of your project. Not only that, it works with you hand- in- hand till delivery so that you exactly get what you desired.

The advent of iOS applications has redefined the concept of mobile app development paradigm all around the world. And, Inspiring Web Technology has proved its strength in providing the world-class and innovative iPhone application development services worldwide. Being home to brilliant minds, we have catered extensive variety of iOS apps for different devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. With the help of flexible workflow and excellent knowledge base, we provide comprehensive mobile applications that can automate every kind of job related to business and personnel lifestyle.

Inspiring Web Technology employs a team of proficient iOS app developers and designers, who use proven methods and technical expertise in delivering the out-of-the-box iOS mobile apps. Our team members are aware of various iOS technologies including iPhone SDK, Objective C, Webkit programming, Xcode IDE, Swift Programming and others. Our programmers have the capability to understand right requirement of the client and deliver the envisioned apps ergonomically.

Windows Application

windowsThe user interface for Windows Phone is based on Microsoft’s Modern design concept – clean, uncluttered app screens, minimize typing, and rearrange-able “Live Tiles” on home screen with real time updates.

XAML Designer in Visual Studio provides a XAML view and a synchronized Design view of your app’s rendered XAML markup. Design View is used to visually design a page in your app by adding or drawing elements, and then by modifying them. XAML view includes IntelliSense, automatic formatting, syntax highlighting, and tag navigation.

Windows app development team at Inspiring Web Technology make use of the latest technology with keeping in mind the latest features of Windows like Windows 8 UI, custom components and the custom notifications to meet the requirements of your Windows application. Our app developers are well-versed in designing Windows applications that are practical and stylish.

The major aim of our smart phone apps development services is client’s satisfaction. We provide our clients with best-in-class mobile app solutions that help them in their smart phone marketing and make them reach their desired ROI. We not only provide you client oriented services but also we look forward to meet the expectations of the end user.

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